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A showcase for the talents and imagination of CEDIA members, the CEDIA Awards are unrivalled in their ability to generate media interest and participation brings significant publicity and commercial spin-offs for those who are successful.

Here are a range of press related articles including CEDIA Awards Press Releases and details of coverage that the CEDIA Awards has gained in the press to date.

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CEDIA Awards C/O Shereen Russell
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"Buried Treasure"
London-based CEDIA member Andrew Lucas, has created a home "Buried Treasure" that's not just...
Jan 3, 2014 Read more

Homes & Gardens
Homes & Gardens magazine contains aspirational yet accessible designs for the stylish and...
Nov 15, 2013 Read more

Home Cinema Choice
The must-buy magazine for AV professionals, Home Cinema Choice, dedicated an 8-page ‘Dream...
Sep 21, 2013 Read more

The Sunday Times 'Home'
CEDIA has continued to achieve extensive coverage in national newspapers for award-winning...
Feb 21, 2013 Read more

Phil & Kirsty's Property Guide for More 4
When the producers of Location, Location, Location spin-off, Phil & Kirsty's Property Guide...
Jun 18, 2008 Read more

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