Best Integrated Home Entry Criteria

An integrated home is a residential property where electronic technology has been effectively integrated into the building to serve and enhance the lifestyle of its occupants.

In all instances, the judging panel will be looking for design and installation excellence and innovation which demonstrate intelligent value engineering.

Integrated Homes specific design and engineering criteria:

1. The installed and hand-held user interfaces are positioned intelligently and allow seamless control of as many installed sub-systems as possible.

2. Audio and video devices have been sized and appropriately positioned for the space into which they are installed.

3. Technology has been installed to be sympathetic to the aesthetic of the space into which it is installed. Where appropriate, motorisation has been used to conceal any technology when not in use.

4. Equipment has been positioned so as to be accessible as appropriate for use and maintenance.

5. The system has been designed to take future expansion and new technologies into account.

6. Any user accessible connections or patch panels are appropriately labelled.



Please include accompanying high quality, high resolution images with your entry. These should include as a minimum requirement:

1. Views of each room to show equipment in position.

2. Views of any display devices, including any additional photos illustrating any motorisation or concealment methods.

3. Views showing any equipment housing or racking. Preferably showing detail of any cooling provision that has been made.

4. An overall view (or views) that show the space at its best and demonstrate the overall design philosophy.

5. View(s) showing the user interface(s).

6. Views illustrating any other technology integration such as control of window dressings, lighting scenes, door / gate entry systems, HVAC and energy management systems, etc.

Views showing work in progress may also be useful for the judges.

Please note, images submitted must be available as high resolution JPEGs.

Video footage may also be supplied in addition to photography.

For more information, please contact CEDIA EMEA office at or call +44 (0)1480 213744.