Best Energy Management Solution Entry Criteria

Best Integrated Energy Management Solution was introduced to recognise the increasingly important role of CEDIA members in ensuring that energy is both conserved and managed effectively in the home.

The Best Integrated Energy Management Solution award will reward a company that has designed and installed a system where the energy management component of a system has both been truly integrated and made a measurable difference to the fuel consumption in the property.

In all instances, the judging panel will be looking for design and installation excellence and innovation which demonstrate intelligent value engineering.

Integrated Energy Management Solution specific design and engineering criteria:

1. The user interfaces for energy management components should be integrated into any whole home control system.

2. Any calculations that have been made to illustrate potential and/or measured energy savings should be included with the entry.

3. Entries should show how any energy monitoring is displayed in a way to help users change their behaviours.

4. The energy management features and benefits of individual sub-systems designed and installed, or integrated by the installer (e.g. Lighting, HVAC Control, Microgeneration Monitoring, Power Management, Window Dressings, Occupancy Detection, Heat Recovery, Solar, Plant Control) should be discussed and illustrated.

5. If the whole project was for a home that meets a specific energy rating (e.g. UK Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 Zero Carbon), discuss how the Energy Management Solution aided the rating.


Please include accompanying high quality, high resolution images with your entry. These should include as a minimum requirement:

1. Views of each room to show equipment in position.

2. Views of any display devices, including any additional photos illustrating any motorisation or concealment methods.

3. Views showing any equipment housing or racking. Preferably showing detail of any cooling provision that has been made.

4. An overall view (or views) that show the space at its best and demonstrate the overall design philosophy.

5. View(s) showing the user interface(s).

6. Views illustrating any other technology integration such as control of window dressings, lighting scenes, door / gate entry systems, HVAC and energy management systems, etc.

Views showing work in progress may also be useful for the judges. Images submitted must be available as high resolution JPEGs.

Video footage may also be supplied in addition to photography.

For more information, please contact CEDIA EMEA office at or call +44 (0)1480 213744.