Best Custom Solution Entry Criteria

  1. This category recognises excellence in the design and implementation of a single technical solution within a residential project. Innovations could be a custom motorised device, a concierge system for a multi-dwelling development or an equally significant technology / special element of a whole house or single room project. 

  2. In all instances, the judging panel will be looking for design and installation excellence and innovation which demonstrate intelligent value engineering.

Other criteria judged:
  1. 1. Unique features of the solution

2. Problems solved by the innovative solution


Please include accompanying high quality, high resolution images with your entry. These should include as a minimum requirement:

1. Views appropriately detailing the solution.

2. Any user interface involved in the solution’s implementation.

3. Overall views showing the solution working as part of the overall scheme.

 Views showing work in progress may also be useful for the judges. Images submitted must be available as high resolution JPEGs.

Video footage may also be supplied in addition to photography. 

More information on the rules is available or alternatively, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact CEDIA EMEA office at or by phone at +44 (0)1480 213744.