It demonstrates our commitment to building and growing our market sector

Jonathan Pengilley, Habitech Ltd
“We are absolutely delighted to have received the recognition of CEDIA at CI’s premier award event.”

CEDIA Awards 2015 Winner, Best Training initiative
“We are constantly told that the only way to stay ahead of the competition is to be better at what we do. There is only one way to get better and that is train. Any top athlete will tell you that. So we are delighted to receive this award as it demonstrates our commitment to building and growing our market sector. Hopefully we will personally gain from more direct business, but we also hope that it will strengthen the CI sector to further the industry as a whole”

CEDIA Awards 2015 Winner, Best Innovative Product
“I regularly use the analogy of baking a cake when people ask me the secret of our success. You need every ingredient and the right processes to bake the perfect cake. Process and procedure play a big part but without killer products, people would not buy from us, as an industry sector we have to deliver the best new products all the time. It’s tough to choose the killer product and in my experience, the first products to market are never the most profitable. Big companies wait and jump in later when they see the product lifecycle curve move from the early adopters to the early majority. I don’t think ihiiji will ever make us rich, but it’s such a cleaver product and it is a fantastic tool to enable Integrators to deliver service contracts. Service contracts are the future of our industry as I have been banging on for the last 3 years and Habitech intend to drive and play a big part in the future.”

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