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Best Showroom

Winner: Finite Solutions for Leeds

An 1892, derelict Victorian property was redecorated, rewired, landscaped and fitted out with technology to create a fantastic show house that provides Finite Solutions with an impressive space to invite clients to. With a budget of £400,000 for the property and a further £150,000 for the development, the whole team had to pull together to ensure the desired result could be achieved within 18 months. Set up as a fully integrated home, complete with future-proofed cabling infrastructure, a dedicated home cinema and full house lighting design to name just a few.Finite Solutions is able to demonstrate the lifestyle of living with technology and the various levels of performance and flexibility between control systems. Not only do clients leave the facility understanding the technology, they also walk away with a clear idea of the quality of work that Finite Solutions deliver.

The judges were extremely impressed with this project. “The Finite Solutions demo facility takes the winners prize for its unique balance of demonstration facilities, a clear ability to show how technology can greatly enhance a REAL home environment and for delivering on clearly defined business goals and objectives.”

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