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Best Multiple Scheme for a Property Developer

Winner: Perfect Integration for 65 Duke Street

The judges were impressed by “the high level of integration in a listed building”.

The developer wanted to incorporate the ‘latest technologies’ into a high-end development of sixteen rental apartments in North Mayfair, to achieve the best return on his investment. As a Grade II listed site, one of the major challenges was the building constraints; which limited placement of lights and speakers. A 5.1 system in each living room using Amina plaster-over speakers, and an in-wall subwoofer, creates the ‘wow’ factor of an invisible surround sound.

The Crestron control system in the show apartment highlights the automation: a single button press switches on various AV systems in the living room, bedrooms and bathroom along with a preset lighting scene to demonstrate the multiple zones. HVAC and video entry have also been integrated and control can be accessed through remotes or iPads. The installer created an electronic fob entry system to avoid the cost of changing locks, at the end of a tenancy, and simplify key management. The concierge’s PC runs Crestron Fusion software which gives a simple traffic light indicator as to the status of each apartment. Pro-active monitoring and support can be done from the installer’s office.

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