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Best Marine Installation

Winner: Dawsons Group for Imperial Princess

An exquisite AV system which matches up to the impeccable design of this luxurious yacht.

The client required an audio-visual specification that would enable the yacht to stand out among competitor offerings. Each of the cabins and saloon areas on this stunning 40m tri-deck craft is equipped with a 2.1 or 5.1 surround sound system controlled through an iPod Touch. Denon Blu-ray receivers have been paired with Linn in-ceiling speakers and Velodyne MicroVee subwoofers to achieve an exceptional sound quality which is consistent across the yacht. Kaleidescape zone players enable movies and music to be accessed throughout the vessel from a central server. Audio is reproduced in external areas by a variety of Speakercraft flush mounted speakers and subwoofers mounted in the deck heads and overhead structures; to minimise exposure to the elements.

A Crestron control solution allows guests to manage the cabin environment, including lighting, blinds and HVAC, through a simple user interface. The Captain can also access all cabins from an iPad in order to globally set temperatures and lighting, if required, ahead of a guest’s arrival. One of the challenges of a marine installation is integrating equipment without impacting on the aesthetics. By working closely with the design team the results have exceeded the owner’s expectations.

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