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Best Integrated Home (over £250,000)

Winner: De Opera Domotica for Dream Home

A truly breathtaking integrated home automation and audio-visual system for a luxury family home.

The brief required integration of multiple subsystems including: climate; security; entry; audio visual; and pool/wellness. The client also wanted the system to be future-ready to allow for new standards in video distribution. At the outset, De Opera Domotica specified a multi-strand fibre backbone through the home and garden for the security system, cameras, TCP/IP network and entertainment system as well as distributing video to the 32 TV displays. A Crestron control system was chosen to integrate the disparate systems along with a Crestron Adagio Entertainment System which amalgamates CDs, MP3s, satellite radio, and DVDs for multi-room distribution. Usage has been optimised for each family member so that they can access their own audio sources with pre-defined sound settings. The client is alerted to any problems or changes to the system by email.

Impressive features of this property include: CO-level detection in the entertainment area to increase the amount of fresh air during a party; underwater speakers in the pool connected to the multi-room audio system; and automatic synchronisation of iPhones and iPads when entering the wireless network. The judges commented this “ticks all the boxes for any family wanting an integrated home”.

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