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Best Integrated Energy Management Solution

Winner: Konnectiv for I Zero4

This development impressed the judges as “a complete energy management solution”.

 The brief was to deliver a fully integrated property with the highest possible rating on the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes. At the heart of the solution is an AMX control system which is integrated with: a Helvar lighting system; various eco technologies including photovoltaics and rainwater harvesting; the burglar alarm; door entry; and AV. Control is accessed through AMX push button keypads and six iPads, located throughout the house. The house, which is all glass at the rear, has been designed to actively reduce energy consumption. The lighting system features multiple discreet in-ceiling sensors that monitor both occupancy and light levels. Thermostats monitor heat and an astronomical time clock monitors sun position.

The system is programmed to provide a constant light level while someone remains in a room and will automatically turn off the lighting and electronic equipment when a person leaves an area. If a window is opened, the heating is turned off and blinds are dropped to actively shade the house. The alarm system is also used for the management of devices: the ground floors are switched off as the family goes to bed while everything is closed down and a full alarm set.



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