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Best Innovative Solution (residential)

Winner: Dawsons Group for Operation Smooth Zoom

“A clear winner technically”, Dawsons AV was congratulated by the judges on their “brilliant innovation”.

The client wanted a rear projection system with an ultra wide angle lens; to use predominately 2.35:1 projection but still operate 16:9 when required. However, the fixed 0.7 ultra wide lens has such a large aperture that using an anamorphic converter and sled was not possible as it would intrude on the projection rig. A further issue was the limited amount of space behind the screen. The solution was to move the projector closer to the rear projection screen; as the lens has such a wide depth of field, picture focus was not altered by any visible amount.

Dawsons then used their technical expertise to determine the angles and precise positions for a mirror and sled which would keep the alignment perfect. The installer fitted a bespoke sliding mechanism under the control of a Linak long throw linear actuator. The result is a smooth zooming operation which allows the client to zoom the picture to any state between the 2.35:1 and 16:9 aspects. The modes are pre-set, depending on the source, with the ability to also control the operation manually via the Crestron control panel.

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