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Best Home Cinema (over £100,000) - Joint Winner

Winner: De Opera Domotica for Cinema Tushchinski

A 3D ‘picture perfect’ home cinema built from scratch.

De Opera Domotica has delivered a state-of-the-art cinema with a clear focus on providing the finest audio and video quality. A Digital Projection Titan 3D projector, combined with a Real 3D system, displays spectacular images and allows for 4:3 and CinemaScope. The Screen Research TheatreCurve 4.5m fixed frame screen, with automated masking, makes the most of the available space while Wisdom Audio speakers, calibrated with Audyssey MultiEQ Pro, provide crystal clear sound quality. An 8.4” Crestron touch screen, placed at the back of the room, controls the cinema as well as lighting, intercom, security and HVAC.

Considerable attention to detail went into the overall project design. A preliminary acoustic analysis was undertaken to determine seating and speaker positions. Furthermore, to avoid any disturbance to other areas of the property, De Opera Domotica recommended a box-in-abox room design.

With an eye on the future, the room has been wired with fibre optic cable to take advantage of new and future video technologies such as 4K. HVAC has been set up to ensure the climate is perfect for up to ten people in the room. Atmospheric lighting is created by fitting LED strips below the steps and in the ceiling to avoid direct light on the screen.

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