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Best Home Cinema (over £100,000) - Joint Winner

Winner: Imagine This for Luxury Screening Room

In the judges words “wow, a flawless home cinema which is technically perfect”.

The client was a person with a very practical understanding of the technical aspects and deliverables of a screening room. The aspiration was for a private room, which would be opulent and luxurious; constructed in a new purpose-built space. Imagine This undertook responsibility for all electronic systems, from the screening room electronics, to the lighting. The installer worked with experts from many disciplines such as artisan cabinetmakers, decorative plasterwork specialists, theatrical curtain makers and bespoke carpet manufacturers, to bring all of the elements together.

A great deal of consideration was given to the robustness of the electronic systems: integrated fail-safes and specialist hardware such as power conditioning on all electronic items; reset equipment for the decoder; and redundancy by separating the AV and the lighting control processors. In terms of control, an advanced system was used to consolidate and automate the functions needed. A tailored GUI was also designed, using consistent visual elements from the aesthetic room design. Once the equipment had been fully installed and the room furnishings were in place, Imagine This completed a final audio room correction process and then HAA (Home Acoustics Alliance), THX and ISF calibrations.

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