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Best Home Cinema (£40,000 to £100,000)

Winner: Lifestyle Technologies for A 007 Class Theatre

A purpose-built home cinema that James Bond would be proud to use.

The client wanted to create a sumptuous ‘007’ themed home cinema that exudes the atmosphere of a real theatre. Starting with an empty concrete shell, the installer took care to create the optimum room layout, seating arrangement and technology specifi cation to ensure the entire audience would be immersed in the viewing experience.

The focus of the room is a 133” Da-Lite micro-perforated screen with automatically adjusted masking to suit all picture formats. The JVC DLA-RS60 Reference series THX projector produces a crystal clear image in 2D and 3D for every movie played back from the 10-Terrabyte Mozaex Media or the Apple TV and the Sky HD receiver.

All systems are controlled from a Crestron TPMC-3X Wi-Fi touch panel remote and/or an iPad running the Crestron Mobile Pro G app. At a touch of a button the show starts: lights dim; projection and sound systems turn on; and the HVAC switches to a pre-set point. To enhance the ambience, drop ceilings with ‘star-fi eld’ fi bre-optic lighting, step lights, cove lights and display lights have been set up to dim from a Lutron Homeworks system. Cineak leather seats and James Bond scenes on the walls also augment the theme.

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