Winner Best Dress Rack 2013


Best Dressed Rack

Winner: T&T Automation for Georgian Mansion

The judges felt this system was "as close to perfect as possible."

The brief was to design a technical hub for a large Georgian mansion in Essex. Four full-height racks, located in the basement, contain the centralised equipment for a fully-automated home.

T&T Automation took great time and effort in wiring the racks to look as visually pleasing as possible. Aside from aesthetics, this serves to make servicing and maintenance far easier.

The racks are mounted on a raised platform which allows the cable plate to be brought to the correct rack in a controlled manner. The room is cooled as part of the house-wide HVAC system. Flood sensors and CCTV were added for additional protection of this space; as the rear of this area also extends to one of the mechanical rooms and power distribution rooms where all the shade controllers are located along with additional lighting enclosures. The racks contain the centralised fi bre AV backbone
based on Crestron's digital media platform.

The racks also centrally house all equipment relating to: voice and data; CCTV recording; AV source and distribution; control; power management; and UPS.

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