Best Yacht Installation

Winner: Archimedia for Majesty 125

Neat, tidy, sensible and proportionate

Archimedia scooped an award at the CEDIA Awards 2015, triumphing in the Best Yacht Installation category for a luxury super yacht project comprising multi-room audio/video, a smart control system and the latest navigation and management equipment.

Conventionally, yacht projects are commissioned by owners who seek unique integration solutions specific to their own wants and needs. However, the client for this project, semi-custom yacht builder, Gulfcraft, posed a unique challenge for Archimedia by requiring a bespoke technology system that was designed for no specific end user. Archimedia was set a brief to design and install an integration system which adds value to the yacht, and can be expanded and customised by the future owner if desired.

Working closely with Gulfcraft throughout the project also required Archimedia to balance the budget to ensure the value of the yacht is enhanced, whilst adhering to project constraints, including external deadlines and very tightly controlled production and quality processes.

Unlike residential projects, an integration system installed on a yacht requires paramount reliability and ease of use to avoid service needs whilst the yacht is at sea. To facilitate this, Archimedia opted for a Savant control and AV distribution system. The Savant HST-SMRTD-00 processor provides high-level automation, AV switching and administers all control functions throughout the yacht, whilst Kordz HDBaseT extenders were used for HDMI transmission over CAT6 cable. The main user interface is controlled via iPads on top of a robust wireless network from Ubiquiti to ensure the whole system is user-friendly, limiting any post-production service calls.

As typical with many yacht installation projects, Archimedia was faced not only with technical challenges, but also had to overcome a number of design obstacles. The main concern was the sense of confinement in this generously sized yacht. Archimedia maximised the available space in the bedrooms by installing mirror TVs. Blending this innovative technology into the yacht’s design also allowed Archimedia to create more light in the hull, employing clever light tricks to give the illusion of a larger space.

Available AV sources across the project include satellite receivers and Apple TVs with a Sonos CONNECT system to seamlessly integrate all audio throughout the yacht. To ensure audio can be heard on the deck, marine-grade outdoor speakers from Sonance were discreetly installed. Inside the yacht, high quality audio, courtesy of Bowers & Wilkins, were positioned in the ceiling for excellent audio quality without disturbing the sleek interior design.

The yacht’s navigation and management systems are integrated into the AV system to allow occupants to monitor the yacht’s location and status at any moment. An Ihiji remote monitoring system allows complete visibility of the installed systems wherever the yacht is located.

Despite not having the freedom of designing for a known end user, Archimedia succeeded in maximising the potential of available technology, enhancing the audio-visual experience, and enabling full automation within the yacht, all customised to fit the needs of any future owner of the yacht.


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