Habitech Ltd, Best Training Initiative


Best Training Initiative

Winner: Habitech Ltd for ProNet Training

An informative course that provides attendees with a better understanding of good networking practices in CI

The ProNet course aims to provide CI engineers with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of networking and how to deploy a reliable network in a modern smart home.

Habitech Ltd discusses the importance of demarcation in responsibility between the ISP, installer and customer. After this, the presenter trains installers on how to work with existing broadband services and integrate them into a robust network environment.

All aspects of networking, including broadband provisions of all types, routing, switching, load balancing, failover, VPNs, VLANs and wireless are covered.

To ensure that attendees get the best out of the course, each session is tuned to the capabilities of the audience. Practical tests are held throughout the day, which also allows the presenter to ensure that what is being taught is understood.

The entire stage 1 training session is completed within the day. At the end of the day, attendees take a short test, which is designed to recap the topics covered. They can make use of their notes at this point, which encourages them to look up information so that they know where to find it in the future. To conclude the session, the presenter asks each attendee a question, and then discusses the answer in an open forum.


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