De Opera Domotica CEDIA Awards Winner 2015, Best Showroom


Best Showroom

Winner: De Opera Domotica for Discover Your Senses

An extremely successful and well thought out project

Split into two floors totalling 600m2, De Opera Domotica’s showroom portrays a melting pot of custom installation, interior design and high-end projects at its finest. As an all-encompassing demonstration facility, clients are able to view mid to high-end scenarios of furniture, home automation and audio, accommodating different levels of budgets.

The showroom is focussed around a central meeting room which is surrounded by different open areas, including a bar, cinema room, audio rooms, dining area and several different relaxing spaces.

The ground floor is dedicated to mid-level furniture and home integration, with various different room displays, including a kitchen, several living areas and three audio rooms all controlled by Control4.

The upper floor focusses on high-end solutions. The entrance is particularly impressive, with a person-following system integrated in the security camera. If the visitor arrives by appointment, this state-of-the-art feature displays an appropriate personalised greeting on the 20” Crestron touchscreen.

A controlled cooling system includes a dedicated fresh air circulating system that features a sophisticated fragrance machine. Complete with four different scents, the user can then choose a fragrance that is injected into the ventilation system for even distribution across the floor.

De Opera Domotica worked closely with local designer, The Concept of Living Designers to ensure that the interior design and technology worked hand in hand. As a standout quality, the facility effortlessly interacts with the mood, feeling and senses of the client, allowing all visitors to connect with the technology on a personal level.

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