Best Lighting Scheme

Winner: Brilliant Lighting for Lighting A Georgian Townhouse & Mews

An archetypal Georgian townhouse has been given an award-winning lighting overhaul, accentuating its classic design and adding a colourful, modern twist. North Yorkshire based lighting designer, Brilliant Lighting, was able to create a lighting design scheme that was sympathetic to the Georgian part of the house while providing a warm, dynamic environment for the studio, gym and sauna. Its dedicated approach to complete integration of the lighting into the architecture of the property ultimately placed this project in first place in the Best Lighting Scheme at the CEDIA Awards 2015.

For Brilliant Lighting, this project did not come without its challenges, the lighting, along with all additional AV technology, needed to be discretely integrated and simple to use. However, the small-scale rooms, low ceilings and compact kitchen and bathrooms meant every detail of design and integration had to be exact. Colour was also an important part of this brief, with the request for a soft and warm glow.

The lighting scheme begins at the front door, where a collaboration between the architect and Brilliant Lighting led to a modern take on the classic carriageway lamp emitting a warm, welcoming glow, and continues throughout the house where architectural lighting pieces highlight key features. “No glare” was the instruction from the client and Brilliant Lighting more than exceeded expectations, integrating light fittings into the fabric of the building that removed any trace of glare and ensured a high quality of light. A particular challenge was in the white-walled bathrooms, full of shiny and reflective surfaces. Brilliant Lighting overcame this problem to achieve a soft, atmospheric design by installing lighting in ceiling slots and behind cabinetry to create a stunning, glare-free solution.

Moving through to the mews building, which houses a gym, sauna and studio, Brilliant Lighting positioned a colour-changing LED light sheet above the entrance for a modern and vibrant feel. The interior of the mews was predominantly made up of white and stainless steel surfaces, which again presented a challenge to Brilliant Lighting to make sure their design didn’t result in any unwanted glare. Backlit sheets of opaque glass to diffuse the light were installed, creating a soft and fluid effect. Brilliant Lighting used the same technique on the stairs, installing custom designed fittings behind opaque covers on the stair risers, creating a striking but low glare effect. The mews included a small roof terrace that was frequently used for parties, so for a dramatic atmosphere Brilliant Lighting installed warm white lamps and colour changing light fittings in the decking that have been programmed to ripple with a fluid colour cycling pattern across the length of the terrace.

The lighting is controlled throughout the property by the Lutron HomeWorks QS system and the colour-changing capabilities by DMX and 0-10v dimming for predictable dimming and precise colour control. As part of a wider integrated home technology system, the lighting can be controlled with a single interface from an iPad, which is simple and easy to use.

“Winning the CEDIA Award for best lighting scheme is a real honour, we’re absolutely delighted. It shows what you can achieve with lighting when it is included in the project from the beginning, and not as an after-thought,” explains Iain Shaw, Partner at Brilliant Lighting. “We were fortunate to work with a client and architect who saw lighting as integral to the interior design, and were keen to use new technology to create stunning lighting effects, which is what made it a really great project.”

As a result, this homeowner is now the owner of a truly unique project where the lighting is integrated architecturally as well as technologically. Having been involved from the very beginning of the project, Brilliant Lighting were able to design a lighting system that truly complemented the interior of the house on every level, accentuating its classic Georgian features and adding warmth and atmosphere to the modern mews building.


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