Best Integrated Home (£100,000 to £250,000)

Winner: Woelf for Golf Loft

A beautifully integrated and exciting project, which incorporates AV, heating, lighting, security, blinds and most impressively, the integration of an elevator

This unique building was transformed from a tribunal court into a top floor penthouse, with a private golf course on the roof. Woelf was contracted to install a system which the client, a real estate agent, could showcase to his partners, colleagues and friends.

Control4 was selected for this project due to the possibility of integrating it with the KNX lighting, SIP intercom and Sonos multi-room audio.

Woelf was responsible for integrating the lighting, keypads, multi-room AV, heating, security, intercom and blind control. The installer achieved all this, as well as automating the owner’s personal elevator. When he leaves the loft, the elevator automatically comes to the 5th floor and opens itself. In the kitchen, a moveable glass wall was installed behind the gas fire to hide devices such as the toaster and juicer. This was controlled via the automation system.

The entire building works with a SIP communication system. Woelf integrated the system into the automation platform to enable the client to use the multi-room speaker as a door bell. He is able to contact the concierge at ground level to open the doors to allow visitors in.

The end result is a property which is 100% fully integrated. Besides the normal solutions, Woelf has gone one step further, to achieve something truly unique for this client.


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