Best Home Cinema (£40,000 to £100,000)

Winner: Art Cinema | 3Logic for Connoisseur Cinema

If you love film, this is your cinema!

One film aficionado in Krakow, Poland, wanted a home cinema that would combine the most advanced audio and visual technology with the glamour of Hollywood. To achieve this, home cinema specialist and installer, Art Cinema, created a cinema experience that not only integrates the latest and most hi-tech equipment available today but also exudes luxury in its design, a fact that was recognised when the project won the Best Home Cinema £40,000 - £100,000 at the custom installation industry’s prestigious CEDIA Awards 2015.

The home cinema was at the heart of this new build home and needed to be both entertaining for its guests, and easy to control for the homeowner and family. The brief called for this project to be flawless in terms of acoustics, sound and picture whilst fully integrated with all additional home electronic systems, including audio, lighting and security. Whilst specifying the desired, albeit complex, kit list, Art Cinema was also tasked with delivering the utmost care and attention to the interior design of the room.

Working closely with the interior designer from start to finish, Art Cinema immerses the visitor into the world of cinema before they have even seen the cinema screen. With vintage movie posters and a classic Art Deco interior, the entrance hall has been designed to echo the traditional ticket booths of the Hollywood golden era. This leads into the private bar space where the experience continues in a dedicated audio and video zone which allows the screening and sound from the cinema to be previewed at all times. As a result, viewers never have to miss a moment when topping up on refreshments, which also makes the room perfect for watching sport. The bar space also contains all the equipment for the cinema room hidden in a discreet rack. The doors from the bar, which have been specially treated to contain any noise, open up to the main feature, the cinema room itself. Here, one of the client’s main concerns was the quality of the audio experience and wanting to isolate the cinema room from leaking sound into the rest of the house. To solve this issue, Art Cinema eliminated every acoustic imperfection by covering the walls with absorbent panels, positioning bass traps in every corner and covering the floor and ceiling in specially treated fabric. The cinema even has its own ventilation system and specially isolated walls, again to insulate the cinema room and prevent disturbing the rest of the house. To ensure the highest levels of sound quality, Art Cinema used an acoustically transparent projector screen and installed JBL Synthesis speakers behind it, as well as speakers on the walls which have been hidden with distracting panels so as not to interfere with the interior design.

The client was keen to use his existing projector, but Art Cinema knew that he was interested in the development of 4K technology and that at some point in the future he would want to upgrade to a 4K projector when it became more widely available. As a solution, the installer ensured the correct wiring was in place to future-ready the new cinema room and allow for the simple and easy upgrade of the existing equipment.

The homeowner also wanted to be able to monitor and control the rest of his house from the cinema room. Crestron’s automated solutions were integrated across several systems connecting the home cinema to the rest of the house. This included the capability to monitor energy use, control security and the home intercom, as well as control the lighting using a Lutron control system, all from the touch of an iPad housed within the cinema room, using a single, dedicated user interface.

Art Cinema was instructed to create a solution that was nothing less than flawless in terms of acoustics, sound and picture, which they more than delivered. In recognition of this achievement, the judges praised the company’s commitment to designing a truly immersive cinema experience, saying that “if you love film, this is your cinema!”. No wonder, then, that this room secured the CEDIA Award accolade for Best Home Cinema £40,000 - £100,000 – it’s a worthy winner, indeed.

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