Cornflake CEDIA Awards 2015 Winner, Best Dressed Rack


Best Dressed Rack

Winner: Cornflake for Rack Candy

In a room that was too small to stand far enough back to photograph the racks in one image, Cornflake built four bespoke tall racks to house and safeguard the huge myriad of boxes required to power this fully automated new home.

The project team drew on many years of experience and created a “blueprint” for all future projects with this scheme. From the system design to the rack itself, every last detail was carefully considered and thought through. Not least servicing, with the racks built using 90° pivots, ensuring easy future access as they can all be quickly swung around in order to reach the rear cables.

All termination is to one point for neatness with incoming infrastructure terminated at an in-wall rack, which Cornflake built - and can test - off site, a decision which greatly sped up the install process. The racking uses a bespoke horizontal cable tray between the racks to allow for full cable management, plus two in-wall termination racks were used for patch panels and to save on interlinks and space. It all looks exceptionally neat and functions particularly smoothly.

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