ET Home Cinema, Playroom to Cinema


Best Home Cinema under £40,000

Winner: ET Home Cinema for Playroom to Cinema

The transformation of the living space is truly amazing!

In the radical transformation of a small, unused games room into a bespoke home cinema for a family of movie-lovers, South Yorkshire-based integration firm, ET Home Cinema, has achieved the prestigious accolade of first prize in the Best Home Cinema under £40,000 category at this year’s CEDIA Awards.

The narrow 3.4m width of the room presented one of the biggest obstacles to ET Home Cinema when they took on this project at a recently renovated home in Doncaster. Careful and intelligent space planning, the clever use of technology and ET Home Cinema’s many years of experience in challenging home cinema projects have combined to deliver a fantastically immersive and supremely comfortable audio-visual experience for up to five people.

ET Home Cinema incorporated a discreet, curved bulkhead structure into the ceiling at the rear of the room and a compact, custom-built rack area to house source equipment beside the entrance into the new space. This solution is not only a sensitive, aesthetic fit for the newly constructed cinema but is also a practical, space-saver which enhances the acoustics within the room.

The ventilated, ceiling bulkhead contains the JVC X35 1080p projector and is also home to rear in-ceiling speakers and LED down lighters. As a result, projector intrusion and equipment noise into the room is kept to an absolute minimum. By curving the bulkhead at each side wall, ET Home Cinema has created the illusion of a wider, less claustrophobic space. The curves also complement the shape and Starscape LED strip lighting effect on the cinema wall panels and ceiling centre panel to create an authentic cinema feel. This effect is completed by a high quality 3m wide Draper fixed frame screen with 80mm velvet surround which is the focal point of the room.

In tight cinema room spaces, ET Home Cinema also recognised how important it would be to get the audio right to deliver the high level cinema experience demanded by the client. ET Home Cinema acoustically treated the space in a number of ways to ensure impeccable sound quality, regardless of the seating position taken within the room. The projector’s location minimises fan noise to increase the overall dynamic range of the audio, thus ensuring that quiet scenes in a movie are enjoyed, free of any disturbance. ET Home Cinema then specified Monitor Audio CFX in-ceiling and in-wall Gold series speakers, configured in Dipole mode using a Studio Six Digital real time analyser, for immersive surround sound. A Velodyne SPL-800 subwoofer provides the required base from the front of the room. Acoustic panels with absorption and diffusion elements were fitted onto the side walls, and the entire space professionally calibrated using THX and Calman 5 software with an Xrite Colourimeter by ET Home Cinema to achieve AV perfection.

All of the source components are housed out of sight in the rack space at the rear of the room. These include a Panasonic BD120 3D Blu-ray player, a Sonos Connect amplifier, so that cinema users can listen to music over wi-fi, if desired, and an Onkyo 818 (THX) AV amplifier.

The Control4 lighting control system is designed to integrate with various interfaces, such as, the homeowner’s iPad, in-wall 6 button Control4 keypads and a Control4 dedicated SR250 remote which provides easy access and control of the audio-visual technology in the room as well.

Recognised by impressed CEDIA judges as an “incredible project”, this re-invention of space is a testament to the considerable skills and attention to detail of integrators, ET Home Cinema. As the client sums up, “the transformation of the living space is truly amazing!”. ET Home Cinema, the audience salutes you!

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