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Best Integrated Home (under £30,000)

Winner: T&T Automation for We are a Mews’d

The owner wanted to develop this property and then sell it; so budget was a primary concern as was infrastructure in terms of future expansion. A Creston system provides integrated control of all AV - a surround sound media room and multi-room audio - as well as lighting.

The space constraints of a two bedroom apartment had to be considered within the design as there was no area for a rack. A customised unit has been built in the main reception to house all the AV sources and a 50" plasma. To achieve the required ventilation in the unit, four low-noise 100mm fans are accommodated within it. For aesthetics, plaster-in ‘invisible' speakers have been used.

Media sources for the apartment include a satellite TV box, radio tuner, AV input plate and an internet enabled Blu-ray player. Future expansion cabling, of pairs of coax and network cables, to the two bedrooms makes them expandable for various options like satellite, radio and Freeview as well as the data network and door intercom.

Proof of the success of the project is that T&T Automation are in talks with the client with regards to providing an integrated solution for his next residential development.

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