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Best Integrated Home (over £250,000)

Winner: T&T Automation for A Success in Belgravia

Resounding praise from the judges "a top end integration project" "a clear winner" and "the integration and security is simply brilliant".

T&T Automation has delivered a truly remarkable fully-automated home. The brief required integration of multiple devices and services including: AV, security, access control, lighting and blinds, swimming pool, HVAC and media room. The system has been designed with various levels of redundancy so that each sub-system can work independently but is also integrated within the main house control system. Impressively, any in-wall touch panel controls any room through a consistent and self intuitive GUI. The panels also provide room to room paging and intercom.

Each room with a TV display benefits from a choice of sources including video servers, satellite TV programming, Blu-ray, Apple TV and playback of CCTV footage. The security system includes alarm monitoring and bio-metric fingerprint door entry. A DMX lighting network enables the owner to choose lighting scenes throughout the property. The surround sound media room contains a 3D TV and projector with a designer sofa, fitted with a custom D-Box solution, which moves in time with the film being watched. The high level of integration means the client uses the system all the time and enjoys showing it to friends and family.

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