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Best Innovative Solution (residential)

Winner: Grahams Hi-Fi for Aces High Media Wall

Grahams HiFi impressed the judges with this "clever and challenging project".

To create an effective multi-function room - home cinema, music lounge and card-games - a storage area has been built to house all the AV equipment, along with 16 chairs. Behind the new false wall, hardware is stored in a 19" rack with a Blu-ray player and games console built-in to the door.

To accommodate the display of triptych artwork on the new wall, the three elements of which need to be mounted close together, Grahams had to design an alternative entry mechanism to a door handle. Access to the area is enabled through a proximity detector sensor, located behind one of the pictures, which activates an electric door mechanism through the swipe of a hand. To allow space for the door to swing open, a chain motor has been fitted to the left hand picture to make it go forward by 100mm.

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