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Best Dressed Rack

Winner: Andrew Lucas for Pimp My Rack

The judges summed this project up as "technically perfect".

This category looks for excellence in design and installation as well as best practice in cabling on and to the rack; something Andrew Lucas (previously It's Done! Technology) have achieved in abundance. All incoming structured cables run along dedicated cable trays to the patching frames, with appropriate thought given to the bend radius of different cable types. High-grade patch panels have been labelled and separated based on the type of service to which they are assigned.

To enable easy identification of cables, each end has been marked with heat-shrink, colour-coded labels and then grouped according to the specific types of service to which they are dedicated.

To maximise ventilation inside the rack housing, lacer bars of various sizes, cable ties, and Velcro tape have all been used, while cables have been cut to the exact lengths required.

Cool blue LED strips, fitted to the outer frames and bases of the rack and activated by PIR sensor when someone enters the Comms Room, give a futuristic feel to the installation.

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