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Best Integrated Home (under £30,000)

Winner: Elytronic for High-Tech Renovation

An integrated system for this modern, recently renovated home, incorporating multi-room audio and video distribution, a dedicated media room, lighting, blind and air-conditioning control presented major integration challenges for Elytronic.

Wireless technology and IR control featured prominently in the company's discreet and effective solution, which, according to the judges, "simply looks fantastic".

An RTI control system, including three RTI RP6 processors and four RTI T2-C remotes placed in the house's main areas has been carefully integrated with a RAKO wireless lighting and blind control system, chosen for its versatility and ease of installation. A total of 38 circuits and twelve blinds have been integrated using RAKO wireless dimmers and motor controls. RAKO modules are thoughtfully
positioned behind removable spotlights and existing A/C panels to ensure serviceability and easy access.

High definition video distribution is accomplished thanks to an AMX Precis LT 8x8 matrix which switches to a total of four TV points, in the kitchen, the master bedroom, the living room and, finally, the living room home cinema projector. This projector is mounted on a Future Automation lift, while a 3.00m Screenline in-ceiling screen also features in the media room to avoid compromising interior aesthetics. All cables, meanwhile, have been managed to eliminate stressing when a screen rotates on its table stand or wall mount. A Sonos six zone multi-room audio system integrates with a NAS drive, hosting the client's own music library, together with on-line music services and internet radio whilst the split system airconditioning is IR controlled via the RTI remotes. A worthy, value for money winner!

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