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Best Innovative Solution (residential)

Winner: MR Domotica for Custom Built Motorised Hidden TV

Quite often, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself and in the absence of a suitable solution MR Domotica did just that.

The clients requested a television to be installed to the kitchen that could not be seen when dormant and during use would need to rotate to face all areas of the kitchen - a span of 270 degrees.

MR Domotica searched for suitable products but decided that a custom design would realise the only true solution. They combined three motors into one effective mechanism: one motor to open the door, one to bring the TV from inside the wall and one to facilitate rotation.

What really impressed the judges was not just the bespoke solution but its finer details. The installers factored for upgrades and the mechanism will accommodate a variety of screens if the current one is ever changed. It will also complete its action with quick and quiet efficiency and was tested continuously for a week in the workshop before being installed to the home.

The solution works seamlessly with the design of the kitchen - an extension rather than a bolted on addition and the client's praise is as sleek and effective as the design itself, "WOW!"

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