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Best Home Cinema (£40,000 to £100,000)

Winner: Prestige Audio for Northwood Home Cinema

"A true re-creation of a cinematic experience in the home" was the judges' verdict on this stunning home cinema. With its scarlet red interior, the scene is set for an authentic home theatre with wow factor.

A single Crestron TPS-6X controls all functions of the room, including lighting scenes, AC and cinema functions, which are laid out in a simple, easy-to-use design for intuitive use by all family members young and old.

HD projection is via a Runco VX-3000 projector, complete with a Cinewide lens. This was coupled with a 120" fl at-masking screen, an essential aspect to ensure the client could watch his favourite TV viewing of Bollywood productions, which are currently in 16:9.

Audio is delivered by two Procella subwoofers and seven Procella speakers all powered by Sherbourn amplification.

Since project completion in December 2010, Prestige Audio was informed that the client has already filled the storage capacity of his movie server - so it's a cinema that is certainly proving a hit with its owners!

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