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Best Dressed Rack

Winner: Lewis Building Technology for Integrated Home Automation & Security

This rack is located in the loft plant room of a home where all audiovisual, data, security and lighting is centrally managed.

It supports an installation involving an incredible 26km of Category 6 structured data cable which distributes and controls the entire system with the exception of analogue speakers.

The loft space is restricted by the roof pitch so the rack uses four adjacent 24U 19" cabinets. The two central cabinets are 800mm wide providing vertical and horizontal cable management to all racks.

The four racks are home to a huge array of sources and equipment including AV Amps, surround sound controllers, AMX control, two Sky HD receivers, two Freesat receivers, an HDMI matrix, two AMX audio matrices, structured data patch panels, incoming broadband and telephone, PoE network switcher, connections to AV devices, heating and lighting, wireless and zigbee access points, security equipment and UPS!

Lewis Building Technology developed a separate interface for the client so that they can reboot the Sky receivers from their AMX touch screens. This interrupts the 230v mains to the Sky receivers and monitors consumption so that the AMX system is aware that the units have powered up.

Behind the cabinets, a solid plinth conceals floor-mounted cable trays and allows easy access to the rear of the rack for maintenance.

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