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Best Media Room (under £15,000)

Winner: Olive AV for Kensington Apartment

With four children, all under the age of six, watching movies is a real family
event for the owners of this Kensington apartment. With no room for a dedicated home cinema, this award-winning solution doubles up as a play room and homework den. The room's multifunctionality meant that its audiovisual elements needed to fill the space when required, but be discreet when not in use. In addition, movies on-demand and BluRay were essential, so too was the ability to cater for the children's future media consumption; with provision made for a gaming facility to be added,
as required.

By working closely with the architect, Olive was able to deliver the performance the client demanded, with the discretion they needed. A 60" screen has been seamlessly integrated into the space, delivering visual impact only when turned on. Clever colour matching and hidden speakers ensure that the room's components blend together and that this project is a perfect demonstration of "seamless integration within the challenges of a minimalist space".

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