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Best Innovative Solution (residential)

Winner: T&T Automation for West London Gated Community

By placing a subwoofer where it's rarely been before, T&T Automation triumphed in this category for what the judges considered to be "an outstandingly innovative solution that demonstrates a tremendous amount of thought."

A solution designed for a client who wanted to enjoy really smooth bass throughout his top floor home cinema, located above noise sensitive bedrooms. With the ceiling the only logical place for subs within this irregular shaped room, T&T designed an ingenious solution which involved de-coupling the subwoofers from the main house structure to allow for a full bass response, without transferring noise and vibration to other rooms, especially the master bedroom below. Positioning the subs in this way would also allow for minimal colouration from the room, effectively preventing the ceiling acting as a sounding board.

The solution was realised through the construction of a wooden frame that attached to the eaves at the apex. The subwoofers were then hung on the kind of aluminium structures usually seen in commercial or broadcast situations. Special acoustic hangars were used between the aluminium structure and the wooden frame, to isolate and damp the vibrations of the subs.

A neat, tidy and well-considered solution that demonstrates considerable innovation and delivers awesome sound!

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