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Best Home Cinema (under £40,000)

Winner: FAB Audio for Visual Subterranean

The client wanted the best cinematic experience possible, and boy did FAB AV deliver. Deemed by the judges to be a "well considered and technically outstanding home cinema installation" this stunning system was designed for a client who was big on expectation, but short on time; having just 48 hours to decide how the AV requirements were to fit into his new home.

But, with some creative thinking and co-operation from all parties, an impressive solution was realised. This now award-winning set-up includes three Genelec A1W26 active in-wall speakers, which sit behind and beside a 110", 16:9 Screen Excellence acoustically transparent screen. The audio system is completed by two Genelec A1W25 active speakers and a Genelec HTS4B active subwoofer. Sound is processed by an ADA audio processor and the entire system has been painstakingly optimised.

Video signal is taken care of by a Digital Projection iVision30 Projector and the room is controlled with some clever interfacing between a Philips Pronto remote and Crestron processor.

All in all, a system that exceeds expectation.

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