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Best Home Cinema (over £100,000)

Winner: FAB Audio Visual for Gentleman's Club

FAB Audio Visual scores the CEDIA Awards hat-trick with what the judges praised as a "technically flawless solution which will deliver an awesome sound."

A dedicated space within a converted barn; the client wanted an unrivalled home cinema experience and that is certainly what he got! Audio-visual performance aside, one of the main considerations was the building's proximity to the groundskeeper's cottage as "good groundskeepers are hard to find." So, with soundproofing high on the agenda, FAB Audio Visual set out to deliver a solution that incorporated the very best of today's technology.

At the heart of the audio system sits an ADA Suite 7.1 controller and a Dolby Lake sound equalizer. The room boasts two Genelec HTS4B subwoofers at floor level and three Genelec HT315 active monitors behind the 120", 2.35:1 Screen Excellence acoustically transparent side-masking screen. Six Genelec AIW25 active speakers are used for rears: four mounted adjacent to the two rows of seats and two in the back wall, either side of the projection porthole.

The Digital Projection Titan 720P DLP projector and ISCO 3 anamorphic lens have to be seen to be believed and the client can choose from a range of sources, including a Kaleidescape player and 1U video server, a Sky+ HD box, an Xbox Elite games console and a Nintendo Wii. The room is controlled by a dedicated Crestron CP2E processor and TPMC-8X touchscreen.

The internal walls were treated with acoustic absorbers and diffusers and the room was fitted with double acoustic doors.

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