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Best Multi-Dwelling Installation

Winner: Finite Solutions for Greenhouse

Finite Solutions were worthy winners for what was deemed to be "a unique installation that brings social and environmental responsibility to the fore".

A technological solution for a developer whose vision was to create the UK's first ‘zero carbon' multi-dwelling development; this innovative system integrates home automation with the latest cutting edge environmental technologies.

The development's environmental credentials include; heating and cooling to each apartment via ground source heat pumps and VRF, roof mounted solar thermal panels to heat the hot water system and heating and cooling recovery achieved though a district heating system. Central rainwater and grey water tanks provide recycled water for toilet flushing and washing machines and wind turbines provide communal energy for lights and lifts.

And, the technical credentials are equally as impressive. Each apartment has its own integrated energy monitoring system which, using the TV as an interface, allows the owner to not only monitor their own energy usage, but also the amount of energy the building is generating and using as a whole. The system also allows occupants to form an ‘energy cooperative', with Greenhouse acting as energy supplier and invoicing homeowners by net usage, taking into account energy produced on site and energy ‘exchanged' between apartments. In addition, homeowners can book an electric pool car from the on-site car club, get real-time information on the next buses and trains departing from local stations and access an integrated community notice board to keep in touch with the wider community.

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