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Best Marine Installation

Winner: Sensory International for Slipstream

For luxury charter vessel Slipstream, the client demanded intuitive to operate and reliable on-board entertainment systems. The installer has risen confidently and capably to the challenge with a wellthought out and integrated solution.

The Crestron-controlled entertainment system consists of individual, standalone sub-systems located in every cabin, each featuring a satellite receiver, media client, iPod docking station, audio video switching and amplification.

With the exception of each Kaleidescape media client, which communicates to a central server for access to content, the AV equipment operates as a stand-alone system. Even if this Kaleidescape connection is lost, a cabin guest can still select and view local discs, satellite channels or access their own iPod.

Audio players meanwhile provide four independent audio feeds to external areas and for party or vessel wide audio, with guests or crew able to set a single piece of music playing throughout the yacht.

The Sky Lounge features a completely hidden projection system. A motorised projector lift built into the deck head design ensures invisibility when retracted, whilst a sofa unit with a motorised seating section slides back and allows a 90" wide, tab-tensioned projection screen to rise out of its base. A local receiver provides 5.1 surround sound in this area, with motorised blinds closing to finish the transformation.

Other motorised devices on the vessel conceal displays when not in use. The Main Saloon features a lift and swivel mechanism in a piece of furniture behind a sofa and the Master Cabin display is mounted within a motorised artwork frame, where the artwork conceals the display when not in use. When a video source is selected, the artwork automatically rolls out of the way.

Every detail was considered, including all of the in-ceiling speakers being custom painted to match the ceiling material into which they were mounted.

The simple nature of the system, how easy it is to use and its continued reliability have been praised by everyone lucky enough to be onboard. In the words of the client, "Sensory International bring a unique and professional team to each project which assists us greatly in constructing a unique yacht that outperforms our expectations". They are worthy winners!

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