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Best Integrated Home (over £250,000)

Winner: Censys Residential Control for Kasteel Domein Amerloo

This all-encompassing technological solution for a 19th Century castle in Belgium is, quite literally, integration on a monumental scale.

With no fewer than 65 rooms to contend with and the date for the grand opening party set in stone, Censys embarked on a technically ambitious solution that delivered all the luxury and convenience of a 21st Century lifestyle, without detracting from the castle's traditional interior.

This expansive system includes: 17 in-wall touchpanels; 20 wireless touchpanels; 80 keypads and 196 lighting zones. A Crestron PVID 16 zone, multi-room video system controls 21 sources including; a Kaleidescape media server, 10 satellite sources and 11 DVD players. There is a 60" Pioneer plasma, 13 Loewe LCD TVs and 2 Sony LCD TVs. Audio distribution is provided by a 26 zone, 24 source Crestron Adagio system and speaker provision includes; Bowers & Wilkins, KEF, Speakercraft and Boston Acoustics.

Climate control was of particular importance, not least because of the large collections of fine wine and art housed within the castle. Consequently there is comprehensive HVAC provision, fuelled from 4 boilers with cooling delivered via Mitsubishi air-conditioning units. An overview of the climate in any given room is readily available from either the Crestron touchpanel or PC for precision control.

All in all, a stately home with state-of-the-art technological provision... and a worthy award-winner.

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