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Best Integrated Home (£100,000 to £250,000)

Winner: Prestige Audio for St Pancras Penthouse

"A truly stunning solution within a challenging and unique environment" was the judges' verdict on this imaginative system for a triplex penthouse in North London.

One intuitive, easy to operate Crestron system integrates the AV, lighting, HVAC, access control and security systems in the property with control provided by TPS-6L touchpanels fitted in the principal rooms. Ease of use was a key factor on this project, so simple touchscreen layouts and engraved buttons prevail.

As the property is primarily used for entertaining, the Pioneer plasma in the main living space is hidden from view when not in use thanks to a bespoke Future Automation lift. In the themed guest bedrooms, LCD screens are concealed behind custom art picture frames whilst, in the master bedroom, the screen rises automatically, when required, on a motorised pop-up from the foot of the Clive Christian four poster.

Prestige Audio has effectively integrated operation of the private Otis lift into the control system. If the property is occupied, the lift call must be authorised from the Crestron panels. If the ‘goodbye' button is pressed on exiting, the lift is activated, the lights dim to off and the alarm is automatically armed only when the lift has gone. When the client then calls the lift, lights switch on and the alarm is disarmed before he reaches the hallway.

Finally, the property has its own mini-cherry picker for maintenance, due to its 15m ceiling height. This is hidden below a motorised trapdoor lift system and again activated by the Crestron system when necessary.

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