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Best Home Cinema (£40,000 to £100,000)

Winner: Sound Decisions for Chatwal Residence

Sound Decisions' 'carefully considered' home cinema in a property in Bombay impressed the judges in this, the £40,000 to £100,000 category.

The homeowner was specific in his requirement for the largest possible screen and maximum seating capacity. Delivering a true cinematic experience, Sound Decision's impressive solution features a Screen Research, acoustically transparent screen in 2.35:1 format and a Vidikron projector with an external anamorphic lens to achieve the largest possible screen size. A Vidabbox AV server, preloaded with 200 of the homeowners's favourite movies, means that access to his comprehensive library is only a click away, whilst a media reader in the bedroom ensures that complete online access is achievable outside of the dedicated cinema room. 

An, in completing the project Sound Decisions even factored-in Bombay's tropical climate; an elevated platform keeps the equipment rack off floor level in this basement room, alleviating concerns about possible water-logging caused by India's rampant monsoon season!

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