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Best Dressed Installation

Winner: Imagine This for Forest Drive

The attention to detail which Imagine This applied to its Kent-based installation was evident throughout the property - starting with the CEDIA Award winning rack!  The judges felt the rack was so beautifully put together; it was ‘clear someone had taken real care over the detailing', and decided that the easy to maintain, neat and colour-coded rack stood out as the winning entry.

With the client's brief, which included lighting control, multi room audio and video, intercom, security and HVAC, came an intricate collection of various systems needing to be kept together in a smart and easy to access manner.

Imagine This applied rigorous standards when installing all of the components of the home, from the AV rack which was constructed in the company's workshop and then installed and tested by the integrators, to every keypad and touchpanel which was connected and mounted with care and precision.  Imagine This also gave due consideration to the future accessibility and maintenance of the system, giving each cable the appropriate amount of slack.

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