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Best Special Project

Winner: Digital Homemedia for New Riverhead

The winner of this exciting category was Digital Homedia for the New Riverhead project – the creation of a stunning five screen video wall capable of displaying a range of sources. Control needed to be simple and effective and the client was adamant that no touch-screen panels or wireless control panels were to be used!

The system has to fit into an existing space and the look and visual design has to fit in with the stylish and exclusive interior. The five screen video wall has to feature removable front panels in order to cover the large false wall, the speakers and the equipment rack. All this, and the client wanted to save costs, so wished that as much as possible of the old equipment, cabling and racking should be reused.

This install (not to say, the property itself) is unique – because the property has been converted from a commercial building, the room was previously a boardroom and therefore features an unusual screen layout for a domestic setup. There was a higher than normal involvement in the design and construction of the housing and decorative features, and the solution had to be very flexible operationally, providing endless combinations of displaying a multitude of sources. Simple, yet effective control was delivered by Digital Homedia in what was judged to be a truly Special Project.

This was the first time that we had entered the CEDIA Awards and we are delighted to have won the Best Special Project category. It is wonderful to have received national recognition, for such a specialised project, by the industry’s governing body.” Clive Sutton, Digital Homedia.

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