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Best Integrated Home (over £250,000)

Winner: SMC for Cemetry House

A house that’s quite literally to die for; SMC’s installation in Highgate Cemetery was summed up as ‘stunning’ by the judges, with every design aspect thought out to ensure the property delivered maximum aesthetic impact.

The client has lived on the site for a number of years and his great, great grandfather is buried only a short distant from the house. The client’s vision was to build the most amazing modern structure, echoing the industrial nature of the building that had previously stood on one of the most remarkable sites in London.

The kitchen is unusually located on the top floor and at a touch of a button the glass roof slides away to create a massive open room overhanging the cemetery with extensive views across the city of London.

The client has owned seven homes before this one and had always wanted to play his music as loud as possible; the unusual location of this house allows him to play whatever he likes as loud as he dares!

Winning CEDIA's top award is an appropriate finale to a hugely enjoyable project. Above all, this project challenged the conventional; in how the technology was used, the design of the building and its remarkable setting. It's a great pleasure that the work of the wider design team has been recognised in this way,” says Robin Courtenay from SMC.

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