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Best Home Cinema (under £20,000)

Winner: Finite Solutions for Total Automation Cinema

Finite Solutions triumphed in this category for creating an ‘aesthetically well resolved and fully automated’ home cinema within a house in Doncaster. The finished project, which is a mixed use room that can be enjoyed both day and night for regular TV or movie watching, is a classic solution to the plasma/ projector debate.

The project constituted a complete visual makeover of what was a traditional living room. The client demanded a clean, contemporary look with all technology and cinema equipment hidden, with the exception of the plasma screen which would form part of the wall. Lighting was to be used to dramatic effect to enhance the modern feel of the room and also to aid the transformation from a comfortable lounge room, to a home theatre offering a true cinematic experience. All devices were to be controlled from a single remote, with easy to use interface.

Finite Solutions provided a discreet, fully integrated system. Wow factor is achieved with the creation of a dramatic lighting ring which provides a truly contemporary focal point. A Pioneer 436-FDE plasma screen sits recessed using a Future Automation PS42-A bracket, ensuring a perfectly flush fit. The Beamax projector screen is located within the dropped ceiling, with just the metal finish of the bar showing as a design feature requested by the client. The CCM 817 speakers are housed subtlety in the ceiling behind the U shaped sofa, with all the AV equipment housed in custom-made cabinetry. Finally the Runco CL-610 projector remains completely hidden at the back of the lighting ring with only the lens on show to the keen eye.

Commenting on their success, Finite Solutions’ Fraser Stride said: “The accolade of winning a CEDIA Award is a truly awesome achievement! It’s fantastic to get international recognition for the quality of the work that the team produces.

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