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Best Home Cinema (£20,000 to £100,000)

Winner: Dark Side of the Room for Home Cinema Lyon

DSR’s Home Cinéma Lyon impressed the judges with its ability to offer an ‘unrivalled cinema experience’. Conceived as part of the total makeover of the house, the project saw the creation of a dedicated home cinema in a 240sq ft room, within what was a large garage. The client wanted a solution that incorporated high-end electronics, great acoustics and for the room to be as close to the looks of a real movie theatre as possible… plus it needed to have a very, very large screen!

The French installer carefully chose every element of this impressive home cinema system, from its HD-DVD and PS3 high definition disc players, JVC HD-1 projector and its Yamaha Z11 receiver. They overcame the challenge of accommodating the largest screen possible within this small, lowceilinged space by recessing the 30cm deep GKF front speakers into the wall behind. The entire wall cavity was then carefully filled with mineral wool and the screen was custom-made with no border so as to allow it to fit as close to the ceiling as possible and ensure that the bottom of the screen could be seen from the back row.

Winning an award this year makes us really proud, especially given the level of the competition. Being one of two non-UK companies to get an award means a lot to us.” Said Marc Etienne, Dark Side of the Room. “We'll be submitting entries in 2009, and will do everything needed to stay among the best integrators in Europe!

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