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Best Dressed Installation

Winner: T&T Automation for West London Family Mansion

Described as "picture perfect" by the judges, the two-rack approach taken by T&T Automation on this project allows for future expansion of the system, correct air circulation and thermal management and an easy-to-see, neat and tensionless installation of cables and equipment.

Both racks for the mansion were pre-built at the company's premises so that they could be tested and run-in before moving on-site where they have effectively been fitted into a hallway cupboard. In a thoughtful solution to servicing, the back wall of this cupboard has been removed to allow access through the eaves from an adjacent room.

The cabling has been installed with minimum bend radii taken into consideration and properly terminated with full contact compression terminations to reduce their resistance and create a more reliable and better contact. The cables are labelled with printed-on shrink-wrap sleeves which are all turned to face the viewer, simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting.

Spike, surge, black and brown-out sensitive equipment in the racks is backed-up using a 1500VA UPS per rack. Equipment not on UPS has its power-conditioned as a minimum.

Overall, it's a sensible and sensitive installation that enables quick and cost-effective upgrading, greater equipment reliability, improved energy consumption and easy access for maintenance and servicing.

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